Meet Chris Shreeve Cannabis Advertising Expert

Meet Chris Shreeve, cannabis advertising expert for programmatic ad buys. Based in Seattle, not only is Chris co-founder of PrograMetrix, a nationally recognized programmatic advertising agency for cannabis brands (not "just" CBD) he is also…
cannabis event marketer

Capitalizing on the Trend of Celebrity Cannabis CEOs

So you want to make your CEO the star? It's a growing trend and there's still room for your celebrity cannabis CEO. The cannabis industry is ready for you, and you can take some tips from outside the cannabis industry to capitalize on the opportunity. From…
CBD maketing and pr

CBD Marketing & PR: Don’t Let Hemp Seed Oil Steal Your Thunder

You know it: CBD beauty marketing is competitive. We've all seen it, it's a thing, especially in the beauty industry: big-name players with big budgets purposely confusing consumers with hemp seed oil to take advantage of the CBD beauty marketing…
Why do cannabis PR

9 Reasons Every Cannabis Company Needs PR

Public relations isn't new, but cannabis PR hasn't been around very long. You've probably heard that particularly because of limited advertising options, PR is an excellent investment in your company. But maybe you're still wondering what you…
why weed conventions are important

Will Weed Conventions in the Cannabis Industry Continue to Be Important for the Future of Legalization?

Will weed conventions continue to be important for cannabis industry? Learn about why this is a good question, and what you can do with it.
social media cannabis influencer

The Highs & Lows of Cannabis Social Media

There's no business like the cannabis business, we're all in it together and despite (or maybe because of) the challenges, we love it. One of the areas with "challenges" is cannabis social media. Every cannabis brand knows that social media…
hiring a cannabis pr firm

What Does a Cannabis PR Agency Do?

Hiring a cannabis PR firm can help increase recognition, brand loyalty, and visibility in the community.
los angeles cannabis PR expert

Why Use a Cannabis PR Agency in Los Angeles?

With more states legalizing cannabis, why use a cannabis PR agency in Los Angeles? We answer the top questions about cannabis PR agency locations.
Laura Wilkinson Sinton Cannabis Dispensary Expert

Meet Laura Wilkinson Sinton Dispensary Expert and Founder of Caligrown

Cannabis business marketing & PR experts: Meet San Diego-based Laura Wilkinson Sinton, cannabis dispensary expert, and consultant.
cannabis event marketer

Turning Cannabis Event Marketing into Public Relations Opportunities

As of today, there are 108 cannabis business tradeshows and expos around the world listed on our conference resource. It's near impossible to go to them all and more importantly when you choose one, how do you turn an event into a consumer or…