3 tips for hiring a cannabis pr firm

3 Tips for Hiring a Cannabis PR Firm

3 top cannabis pr firm attributes for hiring a cannabis PR firm that truly elevates your company in the cannabis industry.
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3 Standout PR Strategies for MJ Biz

Standing out at a major cannabis conference is important to your investment. Use these 3 strategies to get PR at MJ Biz.
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The Importance of Journalist Relationships in Cannabis PR

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Tips for cannabis brands preparing for adult use

3 Cannabis Branding Tips for Businesses Preparing for Adult-Use

Cannabis Branding Is About To Become Extremely Important To Cannabis CMOs and Founders Adult-use marijuana is on the ballot and in the minds of thousands of people in the United States this fall. Adult-use, especially in California, because…
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4 Features All Top Cannabis PR Firms Should Have

%%title%% The best cannabis PR agency can make a world of difference in marketing your business...
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Cannabis Crisis – How Communication is Different

Preparing and enduring cannabis crisis IS different from any other business. Be sure your crisis communication plan is prepared.
3 ways female cannabis entrepreneurs can secure media

3 Publicity Ideas for Women Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Savvy women cannabis entrepreneurs celebrate being a woman with these three publicity ideas.
Cannabis Agency

Should You Hire In-House or Cannabis Agency for Marketing and PR?

What do big cannabis brands and cannabis start-up entrepreneurs have in common? They're all asking one another, should I hire a cannabis agency or should I hire an in-house team? They're asking themselves this question against a wild backdrop…