what to look for before hiring a cannabis pr firm
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Preparing for a Cannabis Product Recall

Is your cannabis brand prepared for a product recall? No one likes to talk about it, but it's probably not a question of IF, but when. Anyone who has been around consumer products for any period can tell you: product recalls are a fact of life.…
CBD maketing and pr

CBD Marketing & PR: Don’t Let Hemp Seed Oil Steal Your Thunder

You know it: CBD beauty marketing is competitive. We've all seen it, it's a thing, especially in the beauty industry: big-name players with big budgets purposely confusing consumers with hemp seed oil to take advantage of the CBD beauty marketing…
hiring a cannabis pr firm

What Does a Cannabis PR Agency Do?

Hiring a cannabis PR firm can help increase recognition, brand loyalty, and visibility in the community.
los angeles cannabis PR expert

Why Use a Cannabis PR Agency in Los Angeles?

With more states legalizing cannabis, why use a cannabis PR agency in Los Angeles? We answer the top questions about cannabis PR agency locations.
cpg product launch tips

3 Great Ways to Leverage a CPG Launch

Standing out from the masses in the competitive world of CPG launches is a real challenge. These 3 tips will get your wheels spinning.
PR and Marketing During a Recession

4 Trends for Marketing and PR During a Recession

Make your budget work overtime by tapping into consumer's deepest desires with these tips for marketing and PR during a recession.
preparing for a cannabis product recall

Preparing for a Cannabis Product Recall

Has your brand adequately prepared for a cannabis product recall? Advance planning will preserve your brand, relationships, and loyalty.
Psychedelic Companies

Why Should Psychedelic Companies Invest in PR Now?

It’s much more than mushrooms, black lights, and velvet posters. A strategic cannabis PR campaign can help transform this image.
questions to ask top cannabis pr firms

Questions to Ask Top Cannabis PR Firms

If you're looking for a cannabis PR agency, here are 3 questions to ask your top cannabis PR firms to help you differentiate them from one another. 
what to look for before hiring a cannabis pr firm

What To Look For Before Hiring A Cannabis PR Firm

We know, hiring a cannabis PR firm can be daunting. With increasing frequency, we're hearing stories from cannabis colleagues who have experienced "bad PR." What should you ask before hiring a cannabis PR firm? We truly believe many of these…