cannabis event marketer

Turning Cannabis Event Marketing into Public Relations Opportunities

As of today, there are 108 cannabis business tradeshows and expos around the world listed on our conference resource. It's near impossible to go to them all and more importantly when you choose one, how do you turn an event into a consumer or…
top cannabis pr agency

Top Cannabis PR Agency

We're an agency with a bespoke approach that makes us a top cannabis PR agency. Based in Los Angeles-uplifting the industry since 2015.
preparing for a cannabis product recall

Preparing for a Cannabis Product Recall

Has your brand adequately prepared for a cannabis product recall? Advance planning will preserve your brand, relationships, and loyalty.
Top CBD words to use in press releases

Top CBD Words to Include in Your Press Release or Content

Modern CBD PR takes keyword research into account when creating press releases and other content. See the words we have our eyes on.
Is a 420 PR campaign worth it?

Is 420 PR Campaign Worth It for Cannabis Brands?

Three things any cannabis company should think about before launching a 420 PR campaign, during the most competitive holiday.