Meet Chris Shreeve Cannabis Advertising Expert

Meet Chris Shreeve, cannabis advertising expert for programmatic ad buys. Based in Seattle, not only is Chris co-founder of PrograMetrix, a nationally recognized programmatic advertising agency for cannabis brands (not "just" CBD) he is also…
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8 Essential PR Components for a Successful IPO

I was on a webinar presented by Morgan Stanley and PwC about preparing for an IPO - and something struck me - there was optimism, and the organizations were signaling their faith in the return of IPOs, soon. 2023 has been an IPO graveyard, but…
Why do cannabis PR

9 Reasons Every Cannabis Company Needs PR

Public relations isn't new, but cannabis PR hasn't been around very long. You've probably heard that particularly because of limited advertising options, PR is an excellent investment in your company. But maybe you're still wondering what you…
hiring a cannabis pr firm

What Does a Cannabis PR Agency Do?

Hiring a cannabis PR firm can help increase recognition, brand loyalty, and visibility in the community.
stand out with PR at conferences

3 Standout PR Strategies for MJ Biz

Standing out at a major cannabis conference is important to your investment. Use these 3 strategies to get PR at MJ Biz.
los angeles cannabis PR expert

Why Use a Cannabis PR Agency in Los Angeles?

With more states legalizing cannabis, why use a cannabis PR agency in Los Angeles? We answer the top questions about cannabis PR agency locations.
cannabis tradeshow pr strategies

3 Creative PR Strategies for Cannabis Tradeshows

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and with that growth comes an increasing demand for cannabis conferences and events, like the granddaddy, MJ Biz in Las Vegas. Obtaining media coverage at a crowded conference is almost never an accident.…
tips for cannabis companies new to PR

3 Tips for Cannabis Companies New to PR

Cannabis companies have so much to consider, such as when should a cannabis company new to PR start looking for an agency?
uncertain consumer mindsets fall 2022

Consumer Mindsets According to Google for Fall 2022

Fall 2022 buying season is filled with uncertainty for consumers, Google searches give us key insight into consumer mindsets.
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Why Should Psychedelic Companies Invest in PR Now?

It’s much more than mushrooms, black lights, and velvet posters. A strategic cannabis PR campaign can help transform this image.