Los Angeles Cannabis PR Agency Services
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How to Decide When Choosing PR, Marketing or Branding Agency?

At Avaans,  we offer those services to our clients, but sometimes we find our clients think they need one thing when what they actually need is another. So what's the difference and when should you use each as a strategy. In truth, your business…
Los Angeles Cannabis PR Agency Services
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3 Must Have Tips to Improve Cannabis Digital Marketing in 2023

Well-crafted content is so much more valuable than promotional content. What should cannabis brands focus on right now? When the 2019 Farm Act passed, the CBD industry widely celebrated it. But not long after, newcomers overran the CBD industry…
How important is social media to cannabis brands

How Important Is Social Media to a Cannabis Brand?

One of the most important social media advertising opportunities for cannabis social media is earned media attention and this publicity is free.
Los Angeles Cannabis PR Agency Services

Emerging Trends in the Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry in the United States continues to grow and adapt to changing consumer behaviors, methods of production, and technology.