5 Tips Pre-Pitch Public Relations Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis PR

Are you ready to get press? Before you invite the press consider these  pre-pitch public relations tips for your cannabis business.


PR tips for cannabis businesses Brush up your social profiles. 

No matter what your brand or your industry you always want to present the best first impression, your social profiles are part of that first impressions. Ask yourself whether they’d be OK with you lifting a quote from your Facebook or LinkedIn and using it in an article about your business?

If the answer is no, check the privacy settings and do some clean up. While we’re at it, check your photos and see if there’s anything there that’s off-putting or off-brand.

If you’re not sure whether your first impression is on-brand, ask others you trust in business. Granted, we’re in a different kind of business, so it’s not as if your profiles need to be rigid, but ask yourself if your believable and trustworthy to a stranger and to your target audience. If the answer is “no,” you can still be yourself, but be a more polished self.


PR Tips for Cannabis Businesses Google Yourself 

While we’re at it, when was the last time you Google’d yourself and your business? Do your search while using Chrome’s “Incognito” feature so the results aren’t overly personalized and you’ll get a view of what others see about you first. Don’t forget to do an image search too. When you start raising awareness of your company Google searches by the public and the press are absolutely fair game.

If you’re not happy with what you see, you can do some reputation management blocking and tackling, which will take some time. So be sure to do this well in advance of any major announcements.




PR tips for cannabis businesses Define Your Key Messages

What are you trying to say and to whom? What truly makes you special and why should anyone care. Remember, when you’re trying to attract press, you need a STORY, something news-worthy. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number, a product launch is rarely newsworthy, that’s not to say NEVER, but usually, there has to be a story to tell along with the launch.

Make sure you’re so prepared with your key messages that no one can distract you from your message, which is wrapped nicely in the context of your cannabis business story.

And while you’re at it, make sure that the press you’re sending your story is important to the readers of the publication or outlet your pitching.



PR Tips for Cannabis Businesses Consider Media Training

If you’ve never done press before, it might be more nerve-wracking than you expect. Yes, journalists are people too, but it’s not their job to make you look good, that’s your job.

The journalist’s job is to write a story people will be interested in reading.

Sure, some publications will be very friendly to cannabis businesses, but all will appreciate your extra level of professionalism.

Spending at least a day preparing by recording yourself in front of a camera with some best practices for PR will pay for itself a million times over, because inevitably, there will be a question you didn’t expect, and having the tools at your disposal to help you keep your cool will give you confidence.



PR tips for cannabis businesses A MUST: Good Photos 

Great headshots and product pictures are not a “nice to have,” they are a requirement. Don’t even think about sending a selfie. Make sure the images are high-resolution enough for print. If you have the budget, get video too since you’ll find yourself using it over and over for all sorts of purposes.

You can have some photos done that showcase your cannabis business personality, but definitely get basic headshots and product pictures on white and black backdrops. If you have the budget, get video too since you’ll find yourself using it over and over for all sorts of purposes.

You’ll be bummed out if you get the press of a lifetime but there aren’t any product shots or pictures of you and your team because they were low-quality or low-resolution.