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The Secret to Captivating Cannabis Marketing Content

There's a secret hidden in ALL our brains that you can use for cannabis content marketing. Did you know that we're all ruled by a super powerful hormone? It's true. This hormone dominates decision-making, especially split-second choices like…
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Cannabis Marketing Stats Answer: How Much Should You Spend on Cannabis Marketing?

Cannabis Marketing Stats that Help You With Your Cannabis Marketing Budget You can see the Turning Cannabis Event Marketing into Public Relations Opportunities changing daily and yet we haven't even reached anywhere close to a zenith in cannabis…
Dan Serard - Cannabis Creative Group

Meet Dan Serard Cannabis Marketing Expert

%%primary_category%% Meet Dan Serard of Cannabis Creative Group. Here he shares little known marketing tips for cannabis brands.
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Should You Hire In-House or Cannabis Agency for Marketing and PR?

What do big cannabis brands and cannabis start-up entrepreneurs have in common? They're all asking one another, should I hire a cannabis agency or should I hire an in-house team? They're asking themselves this question against a wild backdrop…