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4 Ways to Get Cannabis PR

PR is still a critical component of any cannabis brand’s consumer product strategy. And you might find that PR is expensive, so you might ask yourself, “how can I get PR for my cannabis business?” There are two reasons to ask this question.…
Tara Coomans Primo PR
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3 Lessons Cannabis Tech Can Learn From Silicon Valley Failures

[3 minutes] Some have said that the fastest-growing sector in cannabis is cannabis technology. While cannabis technology companies often serve very specific regulatory needs and enter the marketplace in a tech-mature world (as opposed to those…
Why do cannabis PR

9 Reasons Every Cannabis Company Needs PR

Public relations isn't new, but cannabis PR hasn't been around very long. You've probably heard that particularly because of limited advertising options, PR is an excellent investment in your company. But maybe you're still wondering what you…
why weed conventions are important

Will Weed Conventions in the Cannabis Industry Continue to Be Important for the Future of Legalization?

Will weed conventions continue to be important for cannabis industry? Learn about why this is a good question, and what you can do with it.
hiring a cannabis pr firm

What Does a Cannabis PR Agency Do?

Hiring a cannabis PR firm can help increase recognition, brand loyalty, and visibility in the community.
6 Free Cannabis PR Ideas

6 Free Cannabis PR Ideas During a Cannabis Correction Without Additional Costs

6 Free Cannabis PR  Ideas for an Industry Correction Now is the time to maximize brand value on things that don't cost extra. You may look at these 6 cannabis PR ideas and wonder what they have to do with PR, but when you consider that your…
PR and Marketing During a Recession

4 Trends for Marketing and PR During a Recession

Make your budget work overtime by tapping into consumer's deepest desires with these tips for marketing and PR during a recession.
cannabis tech CMO

3 Lessons Cannabis Tech Can Learn From Silicon Valley Failures

Some say cannabis tech is the fastest growing segment in cannabis. What can cannabis tech companies do to repeat past patterns?
Psychedelic Companies

Why Should Psychedelic Companies Invest in PR Now?

It’s much more than mushrooms, black lights, and velvet posters. A strategic cannabis PR campaign can help transform this image.
Tara Coomans Primo PR
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Trust In Cannabis – Why It Matters More Now Than Ever

Trust In Cannabis – Why It Matters More Now Than Ever by Tara Coomans, CEO of Avaans Public Relations Member of NCIA’s Marketing and Advertising Committee This blog originally appeared on the National Cannabis Industry Association…