Laura Wilkinson Sinton Cannabis Dispensary Expert

Capitalizing on the Trend of Celebrity Cannabis CEOs

So you want to make your CEO the star? It's a growing trend and there's still room for your celebrity cannabis CEO. The cannabis industry is ready for you, and you can take some tips from outside the cannabis industry to capitalize on the opportunity. From…
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3 Tips for Cannabis Brands to Make News in 2022

Cannabis brands need to think creativity for PR these days. Here are 3 tips for cannabis brands make news in 2022.
Why do cannabis PR

9 Reasons Every Cannabis Company Needs PR

Public relations isn't new, but cannabis PR hasn't been around very long. You've probably heard that particularly because of limited advertising options, PR is an excellent investment in your company. But maybe you're still wondering what you…
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Will Weed Conventions in the Cannabis Industry Continue to Be Important for the Future of Legalization?

Will weed conventions continue to be important for cannabis industry? Learn about why this is a good question, and what you can do with it.
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What Does a Cannabis PR Agency Do?

Hiring a cannabis PR firm can help increase recognition, brand loyalty, and visibility in the community.
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3 Tips for Hiring a Cannabis PR Firm

3 top cannabis pr firm attributes for hiring a cannabis PR firm that truly elevates your company in the cannabis industry.
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3 Standout PR Strategies for MJ Biz

Standing out at a major cannabis conference is important to your investment. Use these 3 strategies to get PR at MJ Biz.
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Cannabis Beverage Search Terms for Press Releases

Savvy cannabis beverage PR agencies, use keywords for research and content development like press releases.
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Cannabis Marketing Stats Answer: How Much Should You Spend on Cannabis Marketing?

Cannabis Marketing Stats that Help You With Your Cannabis Marketing Budget You can see the Turning Cannabis Event Marketing into Public Relations Opportunities changing daily and yet we haven't even reached anywhere close to a zenith in cannabis…
Laura Wilkinson Sinton Cannabis Dispensary Expert

Meet Laura Wilkinson Sinton Dispensary Expert and Founder of Caligrown

Cannabis business marketing & PR experts: Meet San Diego-based Laura Wilkinson Sinton, cannabis dispensary expert, and consultant.